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At Waterleaders, we understand the importance of Borehole Site Investigation. Before any drilling project, we conduct desk study, Ground Investigation (or Soil Investigation) Contamination Assessment and alsoGeotechnical Anaylsis. Soil Consultants provide the full processinvestigation

Throughout geological time many processes can affect the complexity of the geology of a site whether these processes be depositional or mechanical. In order to assess any particular site it is important to gain as much knowledge as possible to formulate a spatial model not only through literature but also through a well-designed intrusive ground investigation survey. An understanding of the complexities of the ground can have significant advantages in understanding and managing potential risks.

Field Work

We offer a wide range of exploratory methods including cable percussion/rotary boreholes, window sampling, in-situ testing, dynamic probes and trial pits. We cater for all environments: both ‘open field’ and restricted access situations, including small inner city basements.

Field work is controlled by our Geotechnical Engineers who continually monitor progress and ensure that sufficient and relevant data are obtained for the proposed development.


Our long experience of environmental assessment of development sites enables a confident approach. We work in tandem with specialist consultants on more onerous sites.

Analytical Capability

All necessary analysis is carried out in-house using both in-house and commercial computer programs such as PIGLET and WALLAP. We have designed and developed our own analysis software incorporating knowledge and parameters established from ‘real’ construction projects.

  1. Typical analyses cover
  2. Pile groups
  3. Retaining walls and slopes
  4. Re-use of foundations
  5. Tunnel /Structure interaction
  6. Basement heave

Laboratory Testing

We have our own laboratory which is located at our Head Office in High Wycombe. Our trained staff are able to carry out a comprehensive range of soils testing.

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